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  • Dessert with fruit and decorations
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Born in Haiti, in a small town outside of Port au Prince, Chef Wilson moved to New York City at a young age. After starting in the restaurant industry when he was 18 years old at a Soul Food restaurant as a dishwasher, he was quickly promoted to cooking after only three months.

Transitioning to new opportunities, Chef Wilson worked at a Fusion French food restaurant and moved on to own a catering company. After a three-year long-distance relationship with his now-wife, Tonya, in March 2010 Chef Wilson moved to Omaha. After a month of “staging” at V. Mertz, a fellow chef shared the opportunity of sous chef at Le Voltaire French Restaurant. After three and a half years, Chef Wilson was promoted to Executive Chef. Happily married for more than 11 years, Chef Wilson and his wife are proud parents of Justin, Brendan, and Brooklyn. They enjoy vacations visiting family in New York City when they can, but are known for celebrating life with family and friends in Omaha.